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To shop for Asian antiques, a best place in the world  is Bangkok, Thailand.  Here you can get antiques from Thai ,Burma, Malaysia, China , Laos and Cambodia. You can get a lot of beautiful items with great choices.' Antiques'  means the modern reproduction of the primitive pieces. Many copied items are available in the market which are not judged  with your eyes. These duplicates are more suitable for the decorative purpose and are cheaper than the original one. Original antiques are very unusual as well as costly. The craftsmen in Thailand have produced beautiful quality copies at a part of the cost. In Bangkok there are many shopping places for buying these antiques.

 On the banks of the Chao Praya River, in Bangkok, the most popular place for antiques is River city shopping complex ,  a large choice of antique shops are there. People enjoy shopping here. European pieces, sculptures, paintings, wood carvings, jewelry, statues, etc all are available here. You will find here true antiques and excellent quality copies no matter the prices are very high. The sellers here have knowledge about their wares, and they sell them legally [some stores in Bangkok  sell the smuggled antiques , which are not allowed to buy or take out of Thailand.

At Chatuchak Weekend Market you'll find a large number of stalls selling antiques and collectibles. You will find here well crafted  reproductions also. It is a fun place to shop.

Paul's Antiques  is the place where you must visit once . It acquire fabulous antique furniture, accessories and collectibles . There are desks, chairs, tables, hampers, wash basins etc all are found on Paul's antiques.

House of Chao is not known by the people who are from outside Bangkok.It is an old antique shop, full of uncommon things and best known for teak furniture or accessories.

If you are buying antique like Buddha statue from Thailand then you will have to get a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Culture for taking it out of the country. If you are planning to get such thing then it will be easier for you to get the right documents before for approval from the government. Now a days most of the people are buying replicas or modern reproductions , as real antiques are very costly.

Chan's Antique House is a well established family venture. Here you can get best antiques made by fine craftsmen from Thailand, Burma ,Cambodia, Laos. The antiques made of wooden, bronze, marble and stone are available here along with a wide choice of furniture, lacquerware and decorative items. A variety of replicas are also available. The pieces available here are the best selected pieces from all over the world.I

Bangkok is a magnificent place to get reproduction antiques , here the Thai craftsmen have made beautiful quality copies.